Bingo Paper

Bingo Paper

Bingo Paper - There are all kinds of different types of bingo paper. How do I place an order? To place an order for bingo paper, it’s important that you first understand the terminology used in the business. The first thing you need to understand is the “cut”.

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The Bingo Paper “Cut” – The “cut” refers to the number of bingo plays (individual bingo squares) contained on a single bingo sheet. The “cut” can flow horizontally (side to side), vertically (up and down) or arranged in a square.

Examples of Cuts: A 3Vertical (3V) bingo sheet would be 3 bingo squares on top of one another running up and down. A 3H Horizontal (3H) bingo paper would be 3 bingo squares side to side from one another. A 4on bingo sheet would be four bingo squares arranged 2x2 in a square formation. A 6V (Vertical) bingo sheet would be 6 bingo squares in 2 side by side columns of 3 squares on top of one another running up and down. Does that make sense to you? If not, read the above again and take a look at our bingo sheets page for images of each.

What are Bingo Sheets? Bingo Sheets are single bingo papers that have not been glued together as part of a bingo book. They are usually good for one bingo game each.

What are Bingo Books? Bingo books are groups on bingo sheets glued together in books for easy game play. As each game is called and a winner is announced, simply tear off the top sheet, discard it and play the next sheet in the book for the next bingo game. Usually, a bingo game will have a schedule of games that are played via a color sequence that matches the bingo book sheet color order and vice-verse.

What are Bingo Book Sets? Bingo book sets are a numbered sequence of bingo books meant for larger bingo games where many bingo books are sold at the same time. When played in their proper order bingo book sets will reduce or eliminate the possibility of duplicate bingo sheets being played at the same time. Note: As mentioned above, all of the paper that we carry (bingo books, bingo sheets, etc.) is professional grade and will allow for game managers to avoid duplicates.

How do I avoid my players getting duplicate sheets or books of bingo paper? All of our bingo paper is purchased from high-quality bingo manufacturers. You should never have any duplicate sheets or books on the floor at the same time with any of the paper brands that we sell.