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Bingo Cages

Basic Bingo Cages – Our basic bingo cages are going to give you everything you’d typically expect; the cage, the bingo balls, the masterboard and the hand cranked mixing mechanism. These are smaller bingo cages which are almost always used informally as there’s not enough room for regulation size bingo balls (mini bingo balls are included) and visibly the balls can’t be seen from very far away. This would be a real problem if you were calling in front of a decent sized crowd. Of course, if the game is informal and big money isn’t at stake, these bingo cages should work well. They are inexpensive, easy to use and fun.

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Brass Bingo Cages – Professional style brass bingo cages are perfect for regular occurring bingo games outside of commercial bingo halls and casinos (where you’d be better off with a bingo machine). Brass plated and sturdily built, these bingo cages are a staple of the bingo community. These are the bingo cages that you frequently see depicted in any bingo scene in any movie or TV show where bingo occurs. Cranked by hand, the brass cages include a set of regulation sized bingo balls and the masterboard to hold them.

Bingo Game Sets – Bingo Game Sets are put together for our customers’ convenience. Depending on your requirements, our bingo game sets come in various sizes and will include a bingo cage, bingo balls, and other bingo supplies you’ll need to start a bingo.